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Who is Fiona?

Fiona is the founder of BetterAtHome and is an architect who focuses on well-being.

Her mission? To help you realize the impact your environment (your architecture) has on your energy, mood, sleep, and overall fulfillment.

It was her stressful, criticism-filled student life that led her to the parallel path of mental health. The relationship between the body and brain fascinated her so much that she considered abandoning architecture. And then one day… she discovered "neuro-architecture," a field studying how space impacts the brain.

With additional training in Habitat Therapy® and Feng Shui, BetterAtHome was born, aiming to create living spaces as closely aligned as possible with our deepest needs.


"Architecture and well-being... two worlds that once seemed incompatible to me, but now, appear inseparable."

Her education:


UCLouvain, KULeuven, Esap_Porto

Fiona's studies in architecture provided her with a deep understanding of space, structure, and materials, while also revealing a critical gap: architects' lack of training in well-being.

Traditionally, architecture focuses on structure and aesthetics, often overlooking a crucial aspect: the well-being of the occupants. This is due to a lack of emphasis on the psychology of space and its emotional impact.

In this podcast, discover why Fiona's studies were a "hell" but also how they enabled her to find the perfect balance between the subtle and the rational world today.


Click here to listen to the english version of this episode.


Do you want more? Fiona shares many tips for particulars on instagram (FR) and many tips for professionals on LinkedIn (Eng)

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