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Audit : space & mental health

At BetterAtHome, we believe that a beautiful workspace is not sufficient for mental health, satisfaction, and performance of your employees. Leveraging the principles of neuro-architecture and Fiona's expertise in environmental psychology, we offer transformative audits and consultations designed to align your workspace with the core values and aspirations of your enterprise.


Whether you're fine-tuning an existing space or embarking on a new architectural journey, our services pave the way for a more cohesive, energized, and fulfilling workplace experience.

this image is a plan, architecture plan from an office design from Fiona Beenkens, Neuro-architect that proposes audits for companies to improve space with neuro-architecture.
This is a picutre where you can see Fiona holding a pen and lauging. She is doing an audit for a company to improve well-being throug shpace with neuro-architecture and Feng Shui.

Optimization Audits for Existing Spaces : 

Discover the untapped potential of your current workspace with our comprehensive optimization audits.


Many businesses face challenges such as high turnover rates, employee burnout, and general dissatisfaction, often without realizing that the root cause lies in their physical environment.


By analyzing your space through the lens of well-being and neuro-architecture, we can quickly identify and address issues that hinder team cohesion, communication, and overall morale.


Sometimes, strategic modifications — a fresh coat of paint, the thoughtful placement of logos, or the redesign of an entrance — can significantly enhance the workplace vibe, shifting the mood from transient dopamine highs to sustained serotonin-driven satisfaction. Our goal is to create an environment where employees not only want to stay but thrive long-term.

Preventive Analysis for New Spaces

For businesses on the cusp of moving into new offices or undergoing renovations, our preventive analysis service is a game-changer.


Recognizing the profound impact of space on well-being and aesthetics, I collaborate with your assigned architects to infuse your new workspace with principles of neuro-architectur, color psychology and many more.


This approach ensures that your future office not only looks good but feels right, aligning with the primitive needs of the brain, with the company's energy, growth objectives, and the well-being of every team member. This parallel collaboration with your architectural team facilitates a space that supports both your immediate and long-term business goals.

Modern Design Workspace

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